In June apple announced that the mac will take a huge leap forward by transferring to apple silicon. The very first mac with that technology was promised to be launched at the end of 2020. Apple finally did it the very first chip designed specifically for mac labeled as M1.

According to apple event the M1 is designed with keeping in mind to deliver industry leading performance and features in power efficient way. There are lot of breakthroughs that apple have achieved with M1 technology until now mac needed multiple chips to deliver all of features those chips includes chips for processor, IO, Security and memory with M1 all of these dependencies are integrated in single source providing more simplicity, efficiency and better performance.

Now to dug deep into M1 lets talk about the inside features.

M1 features a unified memory architecture (uma) which unifies high bandwidth data into a single pool within a custom package which as a result all of the technologies can access the same data without copying it into multiple pools of memory. M1 chip is build using 5 nanometer technology and included massive 16 billion amounts of transistors

Performance and Efficiency

The performance of M1 is featured by its cpu which two types of cores

  • High performance
  • High Efficiency

Each core is designed to perform a single task or thread as efficiently as possible by maximising the performance. M1 has Eight of high-performance cores and Eight efficiency cores in order to handle a light work.

 Apple really went highly advance towards the graphic power in M1 itincludes eight gpu cores which are capable of executing 25000 threads at time/

M1 features a highly advance neural engine build on 16-core design capable of executing 11 trillion operation per second.

On security part M1 integrates a secure enclave promising to provide best in class security to mac

Apple silicon have also introduced us to a new mac operating system Big Sur. A new design which gives a powerful update towards macOS as it compares to the running of application in mac with a speed just like in iphone and ipad.

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