What is UI and UX Design?

UI and UX design are often misunderstood as being one and the same thing where in reality they are quite different technically. However, one is not enough without the other and a perfect balance between achieving the best possible is the goal of mobile app developers.

UI Design:

User Interface (UI) Design in the mobile application refers to designing the look and feel of the application, where visual appeal, interaction and presentation of the products is top priority. Some of the elements include choosing a color theme, unique typography, aesthetically pleasing imagery etc.

The elements presented on the platform require a presentable format as well as an artistic touch like some graphic design appeal so the interface becomes more likeable and understandable. Depending upon the market, the product, the business type, long term vision, potential customers etc. what will be more appropriate for them.

The UI design must look good in all potential devices which in case of mobile applications can be Android devices, Apple devices etc. It can be said that UI design is more closely related to brand and business idea and its portrayal through symbolic and artistic ways communicating what they stand for, what they want to communicate to their audience.

UX Design:

So User Experience Design or UX design of a platform refers to connecting the businesses needs to the user’s need by making the app work in such a way that the user will find the product and will know exactly what to do with it and how.

As User Experience is a continuous process which keeps happening as long as the app is live, the UX design strategy needs to be revised based on the opinions or actual experiences as documented by the application users.

The goal of this analytical design approach is to make the products easily accessible so that the experience of purchasing it becomes delightful. For example placement of call to action button, navigation panel, contact information, customer support, etc. 

How they can affect your business

An efficient UX for your app will allow smoother experience for the user, thus ensuring they are easily able to implement the call to action you require them to perform.

For example, if your application is an e-commerce store, then it might include several functionalities which a user might be able to explore before buying, including adding the product to the cart, checking out, payment options etc. So a smooth UX of the mobile app will assist the user by smoothly directly it to the next step in the process. Whereas an attractive UI will appeal the customers by its unique color story, innovative graphics and so much more which only words cannot explain.

The Design Element

The term design refers to the subjectivity associated with it as it is open to multiple interpretations, meaning one might or might not like a certain design aspect of the UI or UX. But the goal is looking at them as objectively as possible, to make sure the maximum number of customers will find an appeal in it or will make the app perform better in all aspects. Identifying the target audience, what they would potentially like, and gathering years of experience from professional UI and UX designers is a plus to maximize the potential of a good mobile app.

Why it needs attention

In the competitive business environment where every startup is coming up with an application of its own, it is very important to differentiate your business app from others. Although it may be performing the same functions as hundreds of apps out there, like collecting orders or spreading information about the brand, UI and UX can make your mobile app stand out. It has the potential to uniquely distinguish your brand image  portrayal, and a well thought-out UX and a uniquely inspiring UI can make all the difference in the world.

A Good UX Design makes a mobile app:

  • Easy to use
  • User-Friendly
  • Understanding the purpose of app
  • Simpler Understanding the Theme (color, font)
  • More profitable

A Good UI Design makes a mobile app:

  • Attractive
  • Memorable
  • Different
  • Delivers a thematic message

Bottom line:  If your UI and UX design is successful, it will lead to an efficient order taking process thus improving quality and quantity of business transactions over the period of time, as compared to an app with mediocre UI and UX design.

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